Apple Rolls Out WatchOS 9.6.1 Update and Fixes Motion Detection Problem

As a rule, Apple releases updates for the Apple Watch in the course of further updates for the iPhone, and iPad. However, there is now a separate update because a problem with the recording of movement data has to be fixed.

New watchOS build available

This is reported, among other things, by the online magazine 9to5Mac. Apple has therefore released an update to watchOS 9.6.1, which is now available to the general public.

The new build number is 20U80, replacing the previous July 2023 build 20U73. The changes in watchOS 9.6.1 are mainly focused on improving performance and fixing bugs.

Motion Disorder API

Apple writes in the release notes: “This update fixes an issue that prevents apps that use the Motion Disorder API from accessing motion data to track tremors and symptoms in the context of Parkinson’s disease.”

The new firmware fixes the problem, other changes were not listed. In addition, Apple has released a new preview of watchOS 10 (Build 21R5341c) for all users of the beta versions. This is the sixth preview, the finished version is expected for next month.

This is how you get the update

The Apple Watch usually updates itself within a short time after sharing, depending on the user’s settings. If the update is to be forced, this can be done manually via the Watch app on the iPhone.

To do this, open the app and go to “My watch”, select “General” and “Software update”. The watch should be on the loading dock. The installation will only start when the watch has at least 50 percent charge and is within range of the iPhone.