Apple reportedly turned down Microsoft’s request to buy Bing

Search Engines Love Blogs

There are millions of Apple devices across the globe. While using a smartphone, a user heads to the default search engine whenever they are required to search for anything. In simple words, smartphone companies make a huge amount of money by making any search engine the default on their devices. On Apple devices, we find Google as the default search engine.

According to some recent pieces of information, Microsoft was interested in selling Bing to Apple. However, the reports claim that Apple was not interested in this deal. According to a report by Bloomberg, the executives of Apple and Microsoft had a meeting in 2020 to discuss the sale of Bing. Reportedly, the idea was limited to discussions since Apple’s executive, Eddy Cue, didn’t show any sign of the potential deal.

On iPhones and iPads, Google serves as the default search engine. In this way, Apple earns a handsome amount from Google. Some reports indicate that Apple gets $20 billion per year from Google. As a result, Google receives huge traffic from Apple devices. In addition to this, the report indicates that Apple dropped this idea because the company was not sure about the potential and features of Bing.

On the other hand, Microsoft believes that Apple joined the discussions just to take advantage of this situation and charge more from Google. This week, amid an ongoing FTC case against Google, Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin testified in a US District Court that “it is no surprise that Apple earns more revenue on Bing existing compared to Bing does.”

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