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Apple Releases Toolkit For Password Manager Developers

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Apple has released a new toolkit designed primarily to make it easier for password manager developers. With the open-source project, the providers of password managers now have the option of generating secure passwords and proposing them to the user.

The new toolkit is called “Password Manager Resources” and is a tool for developers of password managers. As reported by ZDNet, the project involves procedures according to which individual and secure passwords can be created. The project also includes collections of pages that use the same login system. The tool also contains links to pages where users can change their passwords.

Download possible via GitHub

As it is an open-source project, developers have the opportunity to work with other providers and optimize resources such as password rules. The tool can be viewed and downloaded via GitHub. Of course, it remains to be seen how well the open-source project will be received by the developers of the password manager. In the end, it would be conceivable that the Apple tool cannot prevail against existing concepts.

Apple has been offering its own password manager for a long time. The program integrated into the iCloud can also generate strong passwords when you create a new account and then save them. If you don’t only have Apple devices and want to synchronize your passwords across platforms, you can use third-party programs such as 1Password. The tool is not only available as a desktop and smartphone app, but also as an extension for Chromium and Firefox.

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