Apple purchases a domain that suggests iWork may get generative AI features

Despite having hundreds of website domains under its name, Apple has added “,” suggesting that it intends to promote artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in its suite of applications. Although Apple usually refers to its Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps by their respective titles, it sometimes still refers to them as iWork. It dates back to the days when Apple offered the three in a boxed package together with the iLife bundle that included GarageBand, iMovie, and other software.

The suite of programs was last packaged in 2009 when Apple introduced iWork’09 along with The latter was an attempt to integrate social media into the apps; however, the website is no longer operational. Additionally, is not, but Apple has now purchased the domain.

According to, It looks like Apple has purchased the domain, However, the website goes too far in speculating that this is a “bold move” and “groundbreaking” that “signals [a] relaunch iWork to compete with MS Office and Google Docs.” For Apple can purchase names merely to keep other businesses from obtaining them. Because “” leads to and these seem to be common misspellings, it can even purchase them.

Apple has 543 distinct internet domains as of 2011, according to a database called DomainGang. There may have been hundreds more in the years since, and most importantly, possessing a domain name does not obligate one to build a website there.

Therefore, it’s probable that Apple is preparing a major revamp of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, as indicated by If it were, though, it would probably be probable to purchase the names,,, and maybe

Because of the way websites are registered, it’s sometimes impossible to identify with certainty who companies hold a domain, particularly since Apple could make use of middlemen. As of right now, businesses in California are registered under the domain names,,, and; those in Rockford, Illinois, and Reykjavik, Iceland, respectively.

It’s also stated that is for sale, which is something Apple is unlikely to do. Most stories that suggest Apple will use AI extensively at WWDC 2024 focus on the company’s operating systems specifically, iOS; rather than individual apps. However, more AI capabilities within the OS may power features in every program.

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