Apple Plans to Shift 10% of iPhone 12 Production from China to India

Apple is considering to shift up to 10% of its production capacity of iPhone 12 to India from China.


Apple is planning to shift up to 10% of the production of the iPhone 12 from China to India. The assembly partner Foxconn is working on units for sale within the country and for the export market.

Apple has been producing the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR in India, but now the company plans to introduce iPhone 12 production as well.

According to sources, Foxconn is preparing to begin the production of the iPhone 12 in Tamil Nadu, India.

Another assembly partner, Pegatron, may also join the team but it is not yet confirmed.

It is said that Apple may shift 7% and 10% of its production capacity to India. Some of the devices will be for domestic sale, while the remainder will be for exports.

The move is most likely to take advantage of the Indian government’s Production-Linked Incentive scheme, which will provide bonuses for smartphone production investment in the country.

The shift may also be seen as an attempt to diversify the supply chain away from a China-centric one and also because of the US-China trade war which has led the company to reconsider its options.

Earlier, it was said that the company could be working with assembly partners to diversify its iPad and MacBook production to Vietnam.

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