Apple Pencil: Patent Shows Replaceable Nibs For Different Creative Applications

Apple Pencil Nibs

Apple is studying how to introduce new features based on interchangeable nibs for the future Apple Pencil. As an exquisite drawing tool, Apple Pencil can help users easily draw on the iPad tablet. However, its underlying technology is actually quite complicated, and precise pressure sensing can be achieved by pressing the pen tip.

Taking into account the wear and tear under daily use, Apple officially provides replaceable Apple Pencil original nib accessories. However, the current operation will only improve the feel and cannot change the related functions of the Apple Pencil.

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On Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO granted Apple a new patent. As can be seen from the description, this “multi-purpose stylus with replaceable modules” also allows functional changes.

In terms of design, Apple pointed out that the tip of this Apple Pencil can be separated from the matching pen holder, and then communicate with the main part of the pen body through a small connector.

It can be expected that the new pen tip contains all the mechanisms needed to realize the function, and the main part includes the controller, power supply, storage medium, touch, buttons, and related modules for communication with the host.

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In addition to the existing pressure sensitivity, it is guessed that the new Apple Pencil tip can also provide many different types of sensor data, and used to change the colour, shape, thickness, size, brightness, or opacity of the marker.

The document pointed out that the new Apple Pencil can have built-in sensors such as tactile, contact, capacitive, piezoelectric, pressure, or photodiode, and include direction perception, gyroscope, accelerometer, biometrics, screen, switch button, compass, voice coil/speaker And other additional features.

After the pen tip completes the data processing, it is transmitted and interacted through the main body of the Apple Pencil and the host iPad.

It is reported that this patent was originally submitted on August 7, 2017, but it is not the first time the company has proposed a new idea for Apple Pencil. As early as 2016, Apple proposed a “smart stylus” patent, which introduced interchangeable nibs with different functions.