Apple Pencil Launched With USB-C Without Pressure Sensitivity

As expected, Apple has presented a new edition of its Apple Pencil, which responds to the new regulations in force in Europe for the power supply of mobile devices via USB-C port. The new stylus is cheaper, but can also do less.

Launch Expected This Week

The fact that the Apple Pencil would soon be seen in a new version has been circulating in the rumor mill for a few days. There was talk of a presentation this week, which surprisingly has already come true today, as Apple is now introducing the stylus in the new edition.

The new Apple Pencil, which is newer than the Apple Pencil 2 but does not have any new features, can be ordered from the beginning of November. The device is designed for the new iPads, which are already equipped with a USB-C port. The pen works in conjunction with the current 10-inch iPad, the iPad Air, the iPad Mini, and the iPad Pro in their latest editions.

Compatibility of Apple Pencil

Basically, it’s a kind of Apple Pencil version 1.5, because the new stylus corresponds to the first-generation model in terms of precision, low latency, and tilt sensitivity. Among other things, it lacks magnetic pairing, support for double tapping for carrying out certain actions via short action, and the option for individual engraving.

On the other hand, the improved Apple Pencil still offers support for the hover function of the newer iPad Pro models and the magnetic attachment to the tablet. However, the new stylus has one major disadvantage it no longer supports pressure sensitivity. So if you really want to work creatively with it, you’re at a loss.

The new Apple Pencil with USB-C should be available from the Apple Store from the beginning of November. The manufacturer gives the official recommended price of 95 euros. The pen is therefore the cheapest official stylus for Apple devices to date – but on the other hand, its capabilities are massively limited without the pressure sensitivity.

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