Apple Music will no longer continue voice payment tier

Apple music

All of our favorite streaming services have seen price increases in recent years. You name it: Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube Music. Although Apple Music isn’t increasing its price, it might as well. A recent story claims that Apple Music may soon be ending its inexpensive voice plan.

Apple Music appeared to be the best offer when it came to streaming services. Spotify is also $10.99 a month for YouTube Music. The most affordable subscription on Apple Music only costs $4.99 a month. That is the basic voice package offered by the company.

You can no longer get Apple Music deal for $5/month

Therefore, Apple chose to completely sink the ship rather than raise the price of its lowest-priced tier. The Voice tier will be discontinued at some point in November, per the Apple Music support website (accessed through Phone Arena). It might occur in the next 26 days, as the month has barely begun.

The plan will be terminated abruptly because Apple no longer allows auto-renewals for users of the Voice tier. If you now own it, you will need to upgrade to a more costly plan or bid your music farewell. After a change like this, people can occasionally still stick to their plans for a set period. Rather, it appears that Apple is being stubborn.

For those who are taking advantage of the free trial, there is good news. They can continue using their service for the duration of the first billing cycle. This implies that customers will be able to continue using their service after the trial period and pay $4.99 a month. They’ll have to change to a different plan.

This is unfortunate because the subsequent plan is more than twice as expensive as the $4.99/month one. The $10.99/month individual plan is that. There is also the $16.99/month Family Plan, which is priced over that. Students are eligible for a discounted subscription price. The monthly cost of the student plan is $5.99.

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