Apple Music Integrates Shazam App With Local Live Show Recommendations

Apple has rolled out a new feature on its music recognition app Shazam, aimed at enhancing the live music experience for its users. The new update, dubbed “Concerts,” will provide personalized recommendations for live shows happening nearby, based on users’ Shazam history.

Discovering Local Live Shows

With the introduction of the Concerts feature, Shazam now steps into the arena of live show recommendations, joining the likes of Bandsintown and Songkick. These platforms have been providing tour date recommendations based on users’ location and music preferences. Now, with Shazam’s new update, users can save and revisit events, set reminders for upcoming shows they’re interested in, and view various details about these events

Personalized Recommendations

The Concerts feature personalizes event recommendations based on the user’s Shazam history. It’s similar to how Spotify suggests live shows on artist profiles. This feature is aimed at helping users discover local live shows that align with their music preferences, providing a more personalized and engaging user experience.

Broad Availability

This feature isn’t just limited to Apple users; it’s being introduced globally across various platforms. By simply “Shazaming” a song, users can discover upcoming live music shows, find tickets on sale for live shows nearby, view tour information, and access additional show details. This adds a new layer of engagement to the Shazam app, making it a hub not just for music recognition but also for live music exploration.

Apple’s new Shazam update is a notable stride towards creating a more immersive and interactive music experience for users. By bridging the gap between digital music recognition and live music experiences, Shazam continues to evolve as a comprehensive platform for music enthusiasts.

Source: (9to5mac),(Phone Arena)

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