Apple might cancel the production of Apple Watch Ultra 3 for 2024

Ming-chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst, reported that the company hasn’t yet started working on the Apple Watch Ultra 3. This information is an indication that Apple might cancel this product in 2024. The Apple Watch Ultra 2, the company’s second iteration of the best-selling wearable, was launched last month. In 2022, the first Watch Ultra was also released. As reporters and Apple enthusiasts speculated about the next Apple Watch Ultra 3, Ming-Chi Kuo delivered some unfavorable news.

It’s “unusual,” according to the renowned Apple supply chain analyst, that the business hasn’t begun work on the third iteration of its smartwatch, scheduled for release in 2024. He continued by saying that at this time last year, Apple was developing the Ultra 2. Given the protracted process of developing a new device, Apple might have chosen to shelve the Ultra 3 until 2024.

Apple watch Ultra 3 will be removed from Apple lineup

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s “almost confirmed” that Apple won’t release Ultra 3 by 2024 if the company doesn’t begin development on the project by December. Additionally, he suggested that Apple’s dedication to creating “innovative health management features” and guaranteeing “the manufacturability of new features” could be the cause of the delay. Furthermore, it may take some time for the tech company to resolve the problems with microLED manufacture.

Apple still has more than a month to begin developing Ultra 3 in time for the launch event in 2024. For any corporation, discontinuing a top-selling wearable gadget would seem like corporate suicide. Apple may, however, be focused on other matters. In December, more information regarding Apple’s ultimate choice will be released.

It is predicted that shipments of Ultra series watches could drop by about 20–30% from 2023 to 2024 if the Apple Watch Ultra 3 is cancelled. The overall number of Apple Watch shipments would therefore decrease by 10% as well.

Recently, Apple was charged by the European Union with misrepresenting the carbon footprint of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches. According to studies, making each Apple Watch generates between 7 and 12 kg of pollutants. The tech company is currently under EU regulations to take carbon neutrality out of its watch marketing.

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