Apple Launches 6TB and 12TB iCloud+ Subscriptions

Apple is now introducing new 6 TB and 12 TB iCloud+ storage subscriptions in Europe. The largest package now includes 12 TB for just under 60 euros. Combined with an Apple One subscription, up to 14 TB of storage is now possible.

iCloud+ gets more storage

As part of its iPhone 15 event, Apple had already announced that it would offer higher storage options for its iCloud + tariffs with iOS 17. Previously, you could only book a maximum of 2 TB iCloud+ for 10 euros per month, but now there is a significant increase.

However, the prices are still based on the current scheme, so Apple’s maximum online storage becomes quite expensive. The new plan with 6 TB of storage costs 30 euros per month, the 12 TB storage space is priced at 60 euros per month.

As with other iCloud+ plans, the 6 or 12 TB storage space can be shared with up to six people via Family Sharing.

With this, Apple is expanding the storage space for personal photos, videos, documents, and data that can be automatically stored in the cloud from iPhone, iPad, or Mac. There are also other iCloud+ functions such as iCloud Private Relay, HomeKit Secure Video, or the option to add your own email domain.

Up to 14 TB possible, but expensive

The new plans can still be combined for customers with existing subscriptions. So you can now use up to 14 TB in combination with an Apple One subscription – but then you also pay around 90 euros per month for it.

Book via iPhone or iPad

These additional storage categories are expensive, but at least Apple now has a solution for those who have already maxed out their previous maximum quota of 4TB (2TB iCloud + 2TB Apple One). The new prices and storage sizes cannot yet be seen on most of Apple’s European websites for the iCloud+ offers. But you can already book them via your iPhone or iPad.

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