Apple has Killed Its Iconic iPod Nano And iPod Shuffle

Apple has decided to discontinue its iconic music players, the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano are no longer in production the company has confirmed in an official statement. However, Apple has introduced new variants of its existing iPod touch.

Apple has also removed the iPods from its official website, the killing decision of iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle came after discontinuing earlier iPod Classic, though the music players are still available at various retailers.

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There was also an interesting development by Apple when the company tried to make changes in iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in terms of design and colors to grab user’s attention back in 2015 but that didn’t make any significant improvement in the product.

It’s not merely Apple’s failure to cope with the existing market; it is actually the effect of rapidly changing technology, the Apple iPod shuffle was first launched in 2005, which was, in fact, one of the first and the best mp3 players with flash storage in the market, Apple launched iPod Nano in the later year which was quite successful at the time.

Mostly, the mobile phones are now able to play a role of mp3 players, consumers now have hands on enough storage that they can stuff the phones with music and video libraries along with dozens of apps and images on it.

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But Apple’s iPod touch still has the potential to be sold in the market, that is why Apple launched its two variants with 64GB and 128GB storage pricing at $199 and $299 respectively. Apple iPod Touch will also receive iOS 11 update later this year.

Apple iPod Touch is just an iPhone without a carrier, users can install apps, watch videos and use Wifi, makes it more compatible with users’ needs today