Apple is adding new fingerprint sensing technology to iPhone

Apple is working on several types of display-embedded fingerprint technology, including capacitive systems and ultrasonic sensors.


Apple is on the verge of uplifting the iPhone by adding new fingerprint sensing technology. The company is working on several types of display-embedded fingerprint technology, including capacitive systems and ultrasonic sensors.

According to recent updates, Apple is working on optical fingerprint sensing that uses light to read and analyze a fingerprint.

According to the new patents, the technology will cut down some of the issues with light-based fingerprint sensors.

The company stated, “improve the contrast of fingerprint impressions and maintain the compactness of the entire sensing system.”

“For certain objects, oblique light forms stronger imaging signals than light that is normal to the imaging plane. For example, a fingerprint-sensing system/device with multidirectional illumination, such as an under-display fingerprint-sensing device may utilize oblique angular filters to capture the stronger signals to enhance image contrast,

One implementation of the patent could set a light-emitting layer covered by a transparent layer to illuminate a surface.

All of these new methods would generate a fingerprint reading system that could work reliably through a display, but will not take up too much internal space within the device.

According to the source, the company files various patent applications on a weekly basis.

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