Apple iPhone X Plus: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan

Apple is planning to launch three new iPhone models in 2018. It is expected that Apple will launch a larger version of iPhone X that will be reportedly called iPhone X Plus.

Let us look at the expected specifications, release date, and price of iPhone X Plus in Pakistan.

Slight tweaks are expected in the specifications of the new iPhone which will include upgrading the design, adding new colors, an increase in processing speed, higher resolution and additions to extend the battery life of the phone.

Name of the New iPhone

Rumor is that the new iPhone which will be released in 2018 will either be called iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus, or the iPhone X2. Some analyst think that it can also be named iPhone XS or XS Plus.


A leak suggests that Apple iPhone X plus dummy models and designs will come in two variant. One with a 6.5-inch display and the other one is 6.1-inch display.

The 6.5-inch X Plus will have dual camera vertically set up at the back while 6.1-inch variant will have a single camera within a round circle.

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6.5in iPhone X Plus will reportedly have 1242×2688 screen resolution. It will have support for iPad-esque landscape app design.

A website noted, “Apple released the fifth test version of iOS 12 for developers yesterday. To our surprise, when running the new build with the supposed resolution of the iPhone XS Plus, it was possible to view the applications in landscape mode as they are displayed on the larger models.”

The dummy images of iPhones that will be released in 2018 are here.


It is also reported that Apple iPhone X Plus will have dual sims.

Face ID feature is expected to return in iPhone X Plus.

We can’t say much about the processing speed of iPhone X Plus as they won’t have Qualcomm chips. Qualcomm’s CFO George Davis said, “Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release. We will continue to provide modems for Apple’s legacy devices.”

By using the word ‘competitor’ it is almost confirmed that Apple will use Intel chips for its phones.

Release Date of iPhone X Plus

Chances are that iPhone X Plus will be launched by fall of 2018. If we go by history Apple usually launches its iPhone in September. So iPhone X Plus is expected to launch some time in September. In Pakistan, the phones will be released by October.

Price of iPhone X Plus in Pakistan

The price of iPhone X in Pakistan was in between Rs 118,999 to Rs 159,799. Now as per reports 6.5in iPhone X Plus will be priced around $900-$1,000 while 6.1in LCD model will be priced around $600-$700. In Pakistani rupees 6.5in iPhone X Plus will cross Rs150,000 with all the taxes added. While 6.1in LCD model will most probably be less than 1 lac and more than Rs 70,000.

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