Apple iPad Pro will output 4K HDR video via USB-C port

Apple iPad pro

The new Apple iPad Pro has been making rounds of leaks for a while now, however, a new report confirms that iPad Pros will be able to output 4K HDR videos.

According to the report, the iPad will have USB port C-type which will allow users to output 4K HDR videos to external displays, However, it is unclear that what specific functionality it would offer.

Another functionality that is confirmed in the report is Face ID which will be replaced by Touch ID, the users can also use the system in both portrait and landscape mode unline iPhones and there is no notch on the top of the display.

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The report also confirms that a new version of Apple Pencil with AirPods-style proximity-based pairing is also on the way. The iPad will have the redesigned magnetic connector at the rear which will connect accessories such as the smart keyboard.

The official unveiling of new iPad series can be expected soon but Apple has not yet hinted about the launch date,  the entire Mac series needs to refresh as well so we can expect Apple to announce a lot more this year.