Apple iOS 14.2.1 Update Brings Battery Problems And More Annoyance

iOS 14 Beta 8

After updating to iOS version 14.2.1, users of older iPhones and iPads, in particular, report shorter battery life. In addition, the new, automatic volume control causes great annoyance.

Big resentment among Apple customers: Many iPhone and iPad users are anything but satisfied with the current iOS version 14.2.1. In addition to some useful functions, the operating system annoys its users mainly with two new “improvements”.

As can be read in the official Apple forum or on Reddit, iPhone and iPad users report drastically shorter battery life after the update. Some devices are said to have used up half their battery life in just 30 minutes. In view of these user reports, it can also be stated that mostly older devices are affected. So far, owners of the iPhone XS, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPad Pro 2018 have complained of problems.

“Headphone Security” not optional

Second, the new setting “Headphone security” ensures great dissatisfaction for German users. Previously titled “Reduce Loud Tones”, “Headphone Safety” is designed to protect the hearing of Apple users. The function automatically reduces the volume level when the playback volume is continuously high (85 decibels or more). First, the user receives a notification, then the volume is reduced by 50 percent. So far so good. The reason for the dissatisfaction of the customers is that the function cannot simply be switched off and does not differentiate between different output devices.

One possibility to at least partially bypass this new “feature” is to increase the recommended guideline value of 85 decibels. This should at least provide some remedy, although the function still reduces the volume by half if the newly defined decibel value is exceeded.