Apple hit series Silo: Fan Recreates the “Bunker” with Unreal Engine 5

Apple TV+ has caused a stir in recent weeks with the Silo series. This can best be compared to Fallout if the game were played exclusively in the bunker of the post-apocalyptic title. A fan has now recreated the silo using the software.

Welcome to the post-apocalypse

If you’re a fan of the Fallout game series and have ever wondered what life is like in a post-apocalyptic bunker, you should check out the award-winning Apple production Silo. There you can get to know a society whose approximately 10,000 inhabitants have been living underground for many decades in several generations – and don’t know why. They cannot go to the surface because they die there after a few minutes even in a protective suit.

The special feature of the cylindrical silo is its 144 floors, above which there is a “city” including the cultivation of food. In the series, you get a more than detailed look at the individual areas of the silo, but that wasn’t enough for a fan named Eekseye. So he or she grabbed the PC and decided to recreate the silo (via Apple Insider).

Blender and Unreal Engine 5

The video’s description reads, “I loved the Apple TV+ silo series! I can’t wait for season 2! So here is my environment in Unreal Engine inspired by it. I used Blender to model the Assets and Unreal Engine 5 used for lighting and rendering.”

So far, the whole thing can only be experienced as a video, so far it is not known whether Eekseye will also offer the Unreal Engine silo for download. This is not very likely, since the video also works with numerous effects, and it is not clear whether they would also work from the first-person perspective. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later Silo is implemented as a modification for Fallout in one form or another.