Apple forbids internal use of ChatGPT


Over the course of previous weeks and months, we have learned that several companies banned the internal use of ChatGPT. Recently, another well-known company joined the list of such companies. Reportedly, Apple bans the internal use of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a chatbot introduced by OpenAI. Several companies and users are utilizing it for different purposes. It utilizes natural language processing to respond to queries. Since it uses machine learning techniques to respond, the chatbot may learn from the data it receives. The chatbot might get access to private information about Apple’s trade secrets. The business is renowned for keeping all of its business dealings very secretive. Any data leak may seriously jeopardize Apple’s brand and bottom line.

Apple employees can’t use ChatGPT internally

The company informed its staff of the prohibition and requested that they refrain from providing sensitive information to ChatGPT. This information was revealed during the examination of an internal document by The Wall Street Journal. Similarly, Apple has also restricted the use of another product i.e., Copilot, an automatic coding tool from GitHub.

Just recently, the tech giant Google prohibited its workers from using AI chatbots. Furthermore, the company has notified the employees to use Bard (the company’s own AI chatbot) with extreme caution. Back in April, we learned that ChatGPT leaked some information about Samsung’s semiconductors. From this perspective, such a move by Apple is quite justified.

Another point to support this agenda is the possibility of inaccurate and misleading responses produced by ChatGPT. Such matters have the potential to misguide employees and disrupt the company’s business operations. Apple’s plans for chatbots and AI remained hazy. While the business hasn’t yet offered any indication, the sources claim that Apple is continually working on a ChatGPT competitor. Apple could experience a significant setback in the future as a result of OpenAI’s decision to release the ChatGPT iOS app.