Apple Embraces California’s ‘Right To Repair’ Law

Embracing Federal Right to Repair Regulations

Apple, once a staunch opponent, now supports the federal right to repair regulations, as announced in a recent Biden administration event. Apple VP Brian Naumann expressed the company’s support for a balanced federal law concerning repairability.

Evolution of Apple’s Stance

Historically against right-to-repair initiatives, Apple’s stance evolved over the years, now providing consumers with parts, tools, and repair guides. The company also supported California’s right to repair bill.

Adhering to California’s Repair Provisions

Apple pledges to adhere to California’s repair provisions nationwide, ensuring the availability of replacement parts and repair guides, extending the support beyond state boundaries.

Envisioning an Ideal Federal Law

Naumann outlined the attributes of an ideal federal repair law, emphasizing maintaining privacy, ensuring transparency, applying prospectively, and establishing a robust national standard to benefit consumers across the US.

via engadget

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