Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs owned BMW is listed for Auction worth $400,000

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs vestiges are now being sold one by one, a couple of days ago Steve Jobs signed Magazine was sold by RR Auction for $50,587. Now a luxury BMW Z8 convertible which was previously owned by Steve Jobs is going on sale on December 6.

The car will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York City, the car is expected to collect $300,000 to $400,000 or even more.

According to the listing, Steve Jobs had a taste of German cars and design, Steve Jobs also owned BMW motorcycles and Mercedes-Benz SLs.

The car was not last owned by Steve Jobs, he bought this car in 2000 and he only had this car for just three years until 2003, after that he sold this BMW to a person in Los Angeles. The person again sold it to “Bay area tech executive” a year later.

After 18 months he realized that he made a mistake by selling the car to executive and contacted him to buy it back and he made his fortune by buying it back. The current owner of the car is the second owner and the fourth owner of Steve Jobs car since 2006 onwards he kept this car.

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Buy looking at the images of the car at auction listing, it seems it’s a brand new car and hardly used, this is because the owner is taking great care of it since he owned it, it only has a millage of 15,200 miles after driving for 17 years.

There is one more thing included with the auctioned car, BMW-branded Motorola cellphone, Steve Jobs reportedly hated this phone. The BMW Z8 originally cost $128,000 before add-ons, the used models are potentially worth more, but as it has a significant value in terms of ownership the auction price is quite hefty.

At the “New York Icons” event, the car would be available for bidding on December 6.

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