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Apple and others have to extend warranties on their products in Spain

Apple and other companies would now be required to extend warranties in Spain as the country is making some changes to uplift consumer rights.

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Spain’s Council of Ministers has approved a new regulation under which Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Google would have to extend warranties on their products in the country. So far, this is just regulation, but soon it would become law.

According to the source, when this rule comes into effect, Apple and other companies would have to extend warranties on their devices from two to three years. Not only this, the government is taking more actions to improve consumer rights. The government would also ask these companies to keep spare parts for products for a minimum of 10 years, up from 5 years. Then consumers would have the right to decide if they want a repair or replacement of the device in case of durability issues.

The new rules also talked about the digital content, including free services which collect the personal data of users, such as social networks, email clients, and file hosting platforms.

These new rules seem a bit harsh on the companies, but the country is all doing it for the betterment of its people. Additionally, this isn’t the first time companies like Apple will have to bend to local rules. Previously, France imposed Apple to ship wired earphones with its smartphones when it decided not to include chargers and EarPods with new iPhones. The same goes when it comes to Brazil. The company was also penalized for not shipping chargers with the iPhone 12

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