Apple, Alibaba or Alphabet: First Trillion Dollar Company in the World

The participants are standing at the starting line. The signal is given and the race begins. Who will become the first trillion dollar company in the world? Who will win the race?

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2018 will most likely be the deciding year for that and the title of trillion Dollar Company will be awarded to the winner.

Which Company is most likely to achieve this milestone in 2018?


It is expected that Apple will be the first company to reach trillion dollar landmark. The current market value of Apple is $869 billion. It is just expected to rise from here.

After the company launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year, the market value of Apple has increased tremendously.

Katy Huberty an analyst said, “The company escapes the typical trend of declining prices that drives demand for other devices. In fact, demand for the iPhone is directly correlated to the direction of average selling prices — higher prices, higher demand, and vice versa.”

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Alphabet the parent company of Google is just behind Apple with the market value of $729 billion. The alphabet is one of the Big 5 companies that also include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon & Facebook. Out of these after Apple, Alphabet has the greatest chance of becoming trillion dollar company.


Currently, Alibaba has less market value compared to other big names like Microsoft, Amazon & Facebook but experts believe that it has the best chance of reaching trillion dollar milestone by 2020.

About Alibaba, MKM Partners said, “We believe that opportunities for further monetization gains are plentiful, largely within the company’s control and that ad-loads represent a considerable growth driver that is at the discretion of management. We think that BABA may have the best chance among Internet mega-caps to become the first $1 trillion company.”