Apple 2 Years Roadmap Indicates Cheaper VR and M3 Influx

Apple is planning a wide range of product fireworks over the next two years, for which a roadmap has basically been published. Among other things, they want to integrate the new Apple M3 ARM SoC in a large number of products, but they are also planning two new augmented reality headsets.

According to a report published by US journalist Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, Apple not only wants to introduce the new iPhone 15 series this year but is also planning three new smartwatch models in the form of the Apple Watch 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra of the second Generation. In addition, new MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and various other products are in the works.

In the case of MacBooks, the Pro models should be updated with the new Apple M3 within the next few months. This includes a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch display, which is codenamed J504 and is said to have the new M3 ARM chip under the hood, among other things. Models with 14 and 16-inch displays are also planned under the internal designations J514 and J516, in which the Apple M3 Pro and Apple M3 Max are to be used.

Two new MacBook Air models, a new iMac with a display over 30 inches

Also in the works, according to Gurman’s roadmap, are two new MacBook Air models, codenamed J613 and J615, which are also said to have the M3 under the hood. When it comes to iPads, two new models with OLED displays are planned, which will have OLED displays. There’s also a new iPad Air base model that will be codenamed J507.