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App Launched For Women Facing Online Harassment

An app was launched with the aim to help women who encounter online harassment. The app called Muavin is available on Android smartphones. The aim of Muavin is to find community-based solutions to online harassment faced by women all around.

It allows users to make a group of friends who would be immediately altered if user faces any abuse or online harassment.

Code for Pakistan and domestics NGOs Media Matters for Democracy collaborated to develop Muavin.

Developers claim that Muavin will help those women who face online torture and abuse. The allies, the victimized woman creates will help in raising voice for the issue. There is a discussion forum as well where users can share their experiences.

The test version of the app is available on Google Play Store.  It is a closed beta version where specific members of Muavin will discuss issues. Now if any member of Muavin indulges in offensive behavior, he will be given warning, if it continues it will be followed by temporary suspension and then completely blockage from the app.

One of the app developers, Omar Khan said, “Muavin essentially aims to create a community that is well aware of the issue of online harassment and is able to band to challenge online trolls and abusers.”

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As cyber crime and bullying is common in Pakistan, Muavin aims to change it as a representative of NGO said:  “This is hopefully going to change because users will be able to document incidents of violence and report it to their online community.”

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