Apocalyptic Bird Flu from Chickens might kill Half of Humanity – Research Snipers

Apocalyptic Bird Flu from Chickens might kill Half of Humanity

A scientist and physician Dr. Michael Gregor has revealed that an apocalyptic virus stemming from chicken farms is far more dangerous than COVID-19.

He said that the virus can kill half of humanity. He made this startling revelation in his book ‘How to Survive a Pandemic’. On the hurricane scale of the epidemic, Dr. Gregor has rated COVID-19 a category 2-3

“In the ‘hurricane scale’ of epidemics, COVID-19, with a death rate of around half of one percent, rates a measly Category Two, possibly a Three. … The Big One, the typhoon to end all typhoons, will be 100 times worse when it comes, a Category Five producing a fatality rate of one in two. … Civilization as we know it would cease.”

He said that it is not a matter of if but when. With the virus mutating constantly, “this is the monster lurking in the undergrowth, the one that makes epidemiologists shudder”.

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Dr. Gregor said that if humans stay away from eating chicken the pandemic cycle can be broken. Otherwise, it would be ‘us or them’.

“The pandemic cycle could theoretically be broken for good. Bird flu could be grounded. As long as there is poultry, there will be pandemics. In the end, it may be us or them.”

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