APEX Airline Awards 2017: Emirates Wins Best Entertainment Award

2017 APEX Awards 2017 took place on Monday at Airline Passenger Experience Association APEX Awards in Long Beach, California.

Emirates not just won the Best Entertainment Award but also Best Original Video Award for its product video called Welcome to Ice. The airline was given a Five-Star Global Airline Rating which is the highest rating given on basis of certified passenger response.

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The criteria for judging the best airline in each category was foolproof. 30 APEX members judged each airline for every category and selected three finalists. Then live judging panel that included media experts chose the best airline in every genre.

Here is the list of awards granted to various airlines

Best Cabin Innovation: Airbus Operations, ReTrolley
Best Inflight Connectivity Innovation: Inmarsat Aviation & Deutsche Telekom AG, European Aviation Network
Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation: IAG, Black Swan & Massive, LEVEL Portal
Best Original Audio: Air New Zealand
Best Original Video: Emirates Product Video
Best Passenger Comfort Innovation: Airspace Single Aisle Interior
Best Personalization Innovation: SITAONAIR
Best Video Curation: Virgin Australia’s IFE

There were set of five more awards given on basis of Passenger data on Tripit App. These awards were called Passenger Choice Awards.

Best Wi-Fi: JetBlue
Best Entertainment: Emirates
Best Cabin Service: Qatar Airways
Best Seat Comfort: Virgin America
Best Food & Beverage: Qatar Airways

In the airline sector, APEX is the only non-profit trade organization. It includes the leading airline around the world along with stakeholders, media entities and industry investors. The goal of APEX is to improve passenger experience and bring up innovative and exciting new ideas to enhance performance and efficiency of airlines.

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