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Anwar Maqsood Working on Another Stage Play—Naya Pakistan

Anwar Maqsood

The famous living legend who is known for his scripts—Anwar Maqsood is presently occupied in writing a stage play dubbed as Naya Pakistan. The play would be put up on stage on the 14th of August this year.

The announcement regarding the new stage play was made by Anwar Maqsood himself at a press conference at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi on the Tuesday afternoon.

The play captioned as Naya Pakistan would be showing the present situation of the country and how that is affecting the nation, as analysed by the writer as a common man.

It indeed is definite that like his earlier plays this would also be a masterpiece doing complete justice with the theme.

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The writer says that the revenue gathered from the play would be donated for charity causes as “Endowment Fund” for the artists who are challenged financially and have gone off showbiz industry and are not getting any work.

As per the reports of Dawn, the central role of the play Naya Pakistan would be a street vendor who is busy in selling old Pakistan in the new one. A character of Allama Iqbal would also be there in the play.

Talking about the current ongoing play Nach Na Jaaney, Anwar Maqsood said that the project has got huge appreciation from the general public and till now it’s going houseful, which is why the council has decided to extend the show dates.

Taking in consideration the immense popularity of the stage play, the team is motivated to present it internationally and soon it would be performed in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, as per the announcement of the press conference.

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