Anurag Singh of Raw is Behind Gwadar PC Hotel Attack: DG-ISPR

Anurag Singh of Raw is Behind Gwadar PC Hotel Attack: DG-ISPR – Singh was given $0.5 million for carrying out the attack on the hotel.

DG-ISPR says that RAW is behind attacks on Gwadar PC Hotel.

In a recent press conference, DG-ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar announced that Anurag Singh of RAW was the mastermind behind Gwadar PC Hotel Attack.

[Outlawed] BLF [Baloch Liberation Front] and BLA [Balochistan Liberation Army] were involved in attacking PC Hotel in Gwadar and a RAW officer Anurag Singh planned the attack.

Singh had been given $0.5 million for carrying out the attack on Gwadar’s hotel, whereas, Dr. Allah Nazar acted as a communicator between terrorists and India.


This news is based on strong evidence the country now has obtained. India has been involved in various terrorist attacks or plans, including this one.

DG-ISPR further told that Colonel Rajesh had several meetings where he planned terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

RAW transferred Rs. 55,581 through a bank, whereas, $0.82 had been transferred to TTP commanders besides constituting a force of 700 terrorists by spending $60 million. $23.5 million funds were used creating anarchy in Balochistan.

Altaf Hussain group had been given $3.23 million. India has been involved in disrupting peace in Pakistan by assistant different organizations.

In the terrorist attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), Indian explosive material and suicide jackets had been used by the attackers. RAW dispatched Rs. 22 million funds for upscaling terrorism in Pakistan, whereas, its handlers had kept meeting TTP representatives.

Arms worth $0.26 million had been given to the Altaf Hussain group, whereas, India is running 87 terrorist camps. A former Indian diplomat and military general had visited a terrorist camp in Hajigak, whereas, $30 million was dispatched for establishing a camp in [Afghanistan’s] Kandahar. Four terrorist camps had been established for the Altaf Hussain group where 40 terrorists received training.

In the press conference, DG-ISPR also shared some evidence in the shape of letters, bank statements, and an audio clip.

India is also found to be involved in some attacks in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) besides increasing its aggression along the Line of Control (LoC).

However, the Pakistan Army is strongly defending the country and trying hard to flop every negative plan of India.

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