Another Sinkhole Emerges in Lahore – Video

After the sinkhole that emerged in Mall Road, Lahore, similar Sinkholes have emerged in other parts of Lahore.

A sinkhole was found on Gulshan-i-Ravi main boulevard which is creating problems for the pedestrians and motorists.

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Here is the video of the sinkhole in Gulshan-i-Ravi

There have been reports of more similar sinkholes in different areas of Lahore including on Mall Road and on Gulshan-i-Ravi Road near Samanabad Morr. A sinkhole was also found in Gulberg’s Hali Road and reportedly there are such depressions in other parts of Lahore after the heavy rainfall.

Deputy Commissioner retired Capt Anwarul Haq directed the officials to plug the sinkhole at Gulshan-i-Ravi road as quickly as possible to help the commuters.

As per sources the sinkhole in Gulshan-i-Ravi near Multan Road appeared when the underground Wasa’s sewer line collapsed because of the rainwater.

According to engineers, the emergence of sinkholes after a rainfall indicate the ignorance of those who were given the task to build the road infrastructure.

Engineers say the emergence of such sinkholes after a rain clearly

A civil engineer said, “It’s simple that if there is no proper earth-filling, compaction and asphalt laying works, the road will have such depressions during or after rain. Had all these works been done in accordance with the engineering guidelines, a rain could batter a road at the most.”

Here is the tweet about the earlier sinkhole that emerged in Lahore’s Mall Road.

“Niagara Falls in Lahore instead of Paris “surely the sinkhole is created by GHQ to sabotage PMLNs chances in upcoming election. In fact most loyal  supporters should jump in and investigate if the sink hole leads to a tunnel leading all the way to Pindi.”

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