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Another Indian MiG-21 jet crashes today

The reports are coming from India that another Indian MiG-21 fighter jet has been crashed near Gwalior on Wednesday morning.

According to the details of the incident, both pilots of that unlucky jet safely ejected before the crash.

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The Indian news outlets reported that a trainer aircraft and the pilots were a group captain and a squadron leader.

As per the details, the jet was on a routine training mission from the Gwalior Airbase when it met with the crash at around 10 am Indian time. The authorities have initiated an inquiry to find the cause of the crash.

It is pertinent to mention here that since 2006, the Air Force of India has lost as many as 27 aircraft in different crashes and this is the 12th Indian Air Force crash in this year alone.

Back in March, another MiG-21 crashed in Rajasthan. In that incident, the pilot of that jet had managed to eject successfully. According to the details of that incident, the jet took off on a routine mission afternoon when the engine of the aircraft developed the technical issues.