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Another Coronavirus Case Reported in Karachi University

Karachi University

On Saturday, another coronavirus case was reported in Karachi University. A female student of the law department has been tested positive for the virus.

This is the second case that has been reported in Karachi University. The case was reported a day earlier at the university. The student came within the university premises to take part in the examinations.

The spokesperson in a statement said that the female student has been stopped from appearing in the examinations. It also mentioned that the administration would ensure to implement the SOPs.

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The Student Advisor Officer of the university had already provided the information to all the students about the SOPs relating coronavirus. It came out that the infected student reached the university despite being stopped by the university administration.

Furthermore, the Karachi University students launched a complaint about the negligence of the administration regarding the implementation of the SOPs.

Previously on the 17th of September, the IBA Karachi campus and city campus classes had been suspended for 2 days after two students were diagnosed with the virus.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the Sindh Chief Minister has inaugurated the Sandspit road alongside the beach coastline.

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