Another $50 million to come from the Asian Bank to fight coronavirus – Research Snipers

Another $50 million to come from the Asian Bank to fight coronavirus

The Asian Development Bank is all set to provide another $50 million to Pakistan in order to support the efforts of the government to counter the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the details, the amount has been repurposed from the National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) project.

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Following a request made by the government of Pakistan for emergency support, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) swiftly processed a change in the scope of its NDRMF project, enabling the repurposing and immediate use of these resources in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

According to the content of the press release issued by the ADB, the funds will help to procure the medical equipment and supplies to strengthen the hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, isolation units, and other medical facilities in the country.

According to the details, the funds include the reallocation of $30m of previously approved but unutilized resources from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to the disaster risk management fund.

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