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Annular Solar Eclipse in Pakistan on June 21

An annular solar eclipse will be sighted in Pakistan on June 21st. This was cited by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

Apart from the southern parts of Pakistan, the solar eclipse will also be visible in parts of Africa which includes the Central African Republic, Congo and Ethiopia and in northern parts of India and China. This is per the met office.

When the moon covers the centre of the Sun, an annular solar eclipse happens. It leaves the visible outer edges of sun to formulate a “ring of fire” or annulus around the moon.

At 08:46 PST the partial eclipse in Pakistan will begin and end at 14:34. The maximum eclipse will be seen at 11:40 PST.

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The maximum magnitude of the eclipse in Karachi will be 91.53 beginning at 09:26 PST. It will reach a maximum at 10:59 and will end at 12:46 PST. Islamabad will witness the maximum magnitude of eclipse 81.99 which will start at 09:50 PST, reach to a maximum at 11:25, and will end at 13:06 PST. Similarly in Lahore, the maximum magnitude of the eclipse will 91.19. It will start at 09:48 PST, reach a maximum at 11:26, and will end at 13:10 PST.

This is according to the PMD data.

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