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Annual Maintenance Plan By NHA—A Project Worth Rs. 27.2 Billion

ISLAMABAD: it is learned, that the National Highways Authority (NHA) during the recommendation of annual maintenance plan (AMP 2017-18) costing 27.263 billion, has predicted to generate a profit worth 24.8 billion in 2017-2018.

The AMP 2017-18 was approved by the Executive Board of National Highway Authority. A meeting was held between the board members and Mr. Shahid Ashraf Tarar (chairman NHA).

According to sources, NHA is expecting to create an income of Rs 28.4 billion from sources such as tax at toll plazas, fines from traffic violations and overloading and right of way payments.

Considering the study conducted by Highway Development and Management (HDM-4), maintenance and running of existing highway network would require an increase in the already proposed funds by NHA under AMP 2017-18.

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As per documents because of delay in the hiring of maintenance works of last year, the contracts could not be finished in due time.  Rs. 21.269 billion from last years’ works were made available as carrying forward amount under this AMP. Moreover, the NHA has calculated allowances amounting Rs. 2.46 billion for the financial year 2017-18.

For the maintenance of national highways network yearly 60 billion rupees are at least needed. From the documents Government of Pakistan do not even allow 5% to NHA’s maintenance fund to cater the real annual needs. NHA’s maintenance allotment varies between 21-23 billion rupees per year. Efforts are being made to bring NHA’s network to an extent where it could be maintained within the possible resources.

Pakistan’s road network is about 264,401 kilometers carrying 96 % domestic cargo and 92 % passenger traffic.

The NHA is upholding a total of 39 national motorways, highways, strategic routes, expressways comprising of the total length of 12,131 kilometers. This is 4.6 % of the national road network.

Another huge sponsor in the assessment of pavement performance is the roughness of the road. As per the yearly survey, 55.17 % of the road network varies between good to average.
4.40 IRI (10686 kilometers) is the current average roughness of road network. There is a decrease in the percentage as compared to previous year.

Furthermore, the National highway authority in their annual maintenance plan for the year 2017-18 stressed upon the fact that to retain the optimal working level and maintenance of road infrastructure a focused approach towards localized restoration and extensive overlays for deteriorated road network is inevitable. Aspects such as novel routine maintenance systems, protective maintenance, load measurement centers and toll plaza, corridor management, structural maintenance of bridges, etc. are few of the key areas that would be addressed under the approved AMP 2017-18.