Android 13: Installing apps outside the play store gets more complicated

Google just added a brand new restricted settings feature to the beta versions of Android 13. In particular, this will make it possible to prevent malicious applications from using accessibility parameters to take action. In particular, this new security feature will be applied to applications downloaded outside of the Google Play Store.

Android 13 has been in beta for a while now. So we know a lot more in terms of new features and functionalities about the one that will follow Android 12. Android 13, for example, will group all security options into one menu and will no longer constantly close applications in the background. Now Android 13 will also prevent all applications installed outside the Play Store from abusing accessibility APIs.

This new feature helps prevent malicious applications from using accessibility settings to take action. Information about this new security feature has been leaked thanks to Mishaal Rahman. The expert on the subject, who is, in particular, the author of a technical podcast dedicated to Android, noticed this novelty in a beta version of the mobile operating system.

Android 13 strengthens security against applications not downloaded from the PlayStore

The author of the technical podcast dedicated to Android has specifically noted that the accessibility settings of an application identified as malicious by the smartphone are no longer accessible. Mishaal Rahman then explains that a sort of dialog box titled “Restricted Parameter” appears on the screen, indicating that the respective accessibility setting is simply not available The app cannot access the accessibility settings and neither does the user.

By proceeding in this way, Google, therefore, wishes Permanently prevent malicious apps from accessing sensitive information via notifications Of course it is possible to bypass this blocking on Android 13. And this new security restriction does not apply to applications installed on the Play Store, Google’s official application store. The feature only blocks applications downloaded by users through a third-party application, messages, or through a browser.