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An Oil Tanker Burst into Flames in Karachi

oil tanker

This Wednesday morning, in Shershah on the Gulbai flyover an oil tanker containing fuel in large amount busted and caught fire. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported so far.

The footage was found showing smoke coming out from the tanker after it caught fire.

The oil was spilling out of the tanker which resulted in a huge explosion. The fire also caught the vehicles which were nearby and also the godowns which were nearly situated got affected.

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The moment the incident took place, the firefighters were immediately informed. They immediately reached the location to extinguish the fire. Successfully the fire got under control after such man-hours of effort.

 As per the fire department officials, it took approximately 7-8 fire engines to take down the fire.

The road where the incident took place was closed for the traffic. Apart from taking so many precautions, 2 godowns, 5 bikes and 1 container were damaged.

The same kind of incident took place back in 2017 in June, where an oil tanker caught fire while taking a turn over to the National Highway in Bahawalpur near Ahmedpur Sharqia. That incident reported a lot of casualties, around 140 people were reported dead and hundreds of people got injured.

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