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An Indian Quarantined Man Runs Out Nude, Bites A Woman to Death

Indian quarantined man

A thirty-two-year-old Indian man who was quarantined ran out nude and bit a woman to death. This happened in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

This indeed is a weird incident, occurred in Tamil Nadu. The man, named Manikandan, returned from Sri Lanka and was home quarantined after the coronavirus outbreak. He killed a woman who was 2 streets away by giving her a deadly bite.

The incident occurred on the 27th of March.

As per the police officials, the woman who was bitten was admitted to the hospital but lost her life because of her wounds.

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A police official in the Theni district said that the Manikandan had come back from Sri Lanka and was home-quarantined. He further said that on Friday he ran off naked and bit the throat of an elderly woman who was living 2 streets away.

Manikandan returned back home, only a week before.

The police further informed that Manikandan was taken to a government hospital and was tested for the COVID-19 infection and the doctors are also checking his mental condition.

The police added that there was no obvious enmity between the families of Manikandan and the elderly woman. The police have registered the case and are making inquiries.

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