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An Indian Man Worships Donald Trump as god

An Indian man has gone viral after it appeared that he worships the forty-fifth president of United States—Donal Trump.

The crazy devotee—Buss Krishna, is a diehard fan of the US president and has spent his last three years worshipping the Oval office inhabitant as a God. He carries the president’s picture with himself and prays to him many times a day.

While defending his unusual behaviour he said that nobody took him seriously and some people even referred to him as a madman, thinking that how the prayers made in a distant village would reach Donald Trump. He added that he had strong faith in whatever he was doing.

Buss Krishna is a thirty-one-year-old fellow, hailing from Telangana situated close to Hyderabad. He said that his admiration for Trump started around the time he began his “Make America Great Again” campaign.

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Krishna expresses his love and devotion for Trump via his social media page as well on which he regularly posts photos and videos of worshipping Trump at the tomb.

He even claims that he received a message from Trump on the 19th of June on Twitter.

The message read that Krish a resident of India is a close friend of his among the billions of Indians, he is his favourite. The message further read that “he’s able to channel dragon energy from worshipping my photos; maybe low-energy Jeb Bush should give it a try; I’d be happy send him a pic! The message ended on the note “see you soon Krish!”

It could not be verified that whether the message was authentic or not, however, Krishna claims it to be genuine.

Krishna said that he is super happy after receiving the text from Trump and added that he would for sure be remembered by the US president if he visits India. He also informed that people of the village called him mad and recommended him a visit to a psychologist.

The faithful devotee has plans of building a temple for Trump in next three to six months.

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