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An Indian Institute is offering ‘Dulhan Course’


For all the young girls out there, an Indian institute is offering ‘Dulhan Course’. Yes, you read it right, in this time and age, there is an institute in Hyderabad, India that is offering ‘Dulhan course’ for brides to be.

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The caption read, “A unique and innovative course which help students re-discover the value and impact of the family home.”

The classes include ‘How to live a successful married life.’

The first question that comes up is why an institute is teaching ‘Dulhan Course’? And for whatever reason it is, shouldn’t there be a ‘Dulha Course’ as well?  In today’s world, we need to teach women their self-worth and work towards women empowerment instead of teaching a course that is named ‘Dulhan Course’.

On social media, people have shared their responses regarding this course.

It must be understood here that there is nothing wrong with women learning to sew or cook or take mehndi classes. But they need to learn these arts because they want to, not because they want to save a marriage. Naming it ‘Dulhan Course’ is unsuitable, to say the least, and thus has raised concerns.

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