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An Indian Family Names their Newborn Girl After Coronavirus

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An Indian family has named their newborn baby girl after coronavirus.

A baby girl is born in Gorakhpur, India on Sunday has been named Corona as the virus has assembled the whole world on one issue.

The baby girl has been born in the village of Sohgaura and was named by her uncle Nitesh Tripathi. She was born the same day that India placed the Janata Curfew for curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

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The uncle of the newborn girl said that he had taken permission from the mother of the baby girl. The mother’s name is Ragini Tripathi. Nitesh Tripathi said that he asked newborn’s mother before naming the baby, as per the reports of Khaleej Times.

He said that the virus is indeed dangerous and has taken the lives of many people in the world, but it has also developed many good habits in the people and has brought the humanity and mankind closer. He also said that the bay would be the symbol of the unity of people for combating against the evil.

The epidemic coronavirus has affected almost all the nations, across the globe. As per the recent reports, the United States has got the most confirmed number of cases of the virus than any other country in the world. The count of affectees has exceeded past China, from where the corona crisis began.

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