An increasing number of apps are utilizing Android 14’s screenshot-detecting feature

The idea of disappearing messages was popularized by Snapchat. This feature could be meaningless if users were permitted to capture screenshots of media files and messages without any implications. To cater to this problem, a screenshot detection system was implemented by Snapchat. Such a system notifies users whenever a screenshot of sent messages and media is captured. Following the same footprints, the tech giant Google adopted it within Android 14.

Google also provides certain API details. Firstly, the application just receives information about the screenshot action and not the content of the screen. Google gives the app the authority to decide what was shown on the screen at the time the user snapped the screenshot.

As of now, some apps using Android 14’s screenshot detection APIs have been spotted. Reportedly, OTTO, the German shopping app, has utilized it. This program detects screenshots taken by users and displays a toast message informing the user that the app has noticed the screenshot. After detecting the screenshot, developers can create actions like informing users about the captured screenshot.

One thing to notice here is that the API is only able to detect a screenshot that is captured with the help of standard methods or hardware buttons. It is unable to identify screenshots captured through root screenshot apps, ADB, and screenshots captured through the Recents task switcher screen. App developers can opt for more strict actions like using older APIs that block apps from taking screenshots. Such APIs are used by video streaming and banking apps to prevent users from capturing screenshots.

Well, this is pretty good for developers since they won’t be required to put in extra effort for workaround implementations. The official Android API for screenshot detection is a great blessing for app developers.

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