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An Ice Cream Parlour is Serving Flavours like Ketchup and Mushy Peas

A seaside ice cream parlour has introduced a new variety of wide range controversial flavours which as per their expectations would be the “taste of the summer”. The new flavours include ketchup and mushy peas.

Nejmi Hassan—the ice cream maker admits that his unusual flavour additions, which also includes Marmite, are an “acquired taste”, but he is confident that these flavours would be a big hit.

We are not sure whether they would be a hit or not taste wise, but they would definitely be a hit in news for some time.

The flavours are being sold at his ice cream parlour—Makcari’s which is situated in Herne Bay—Kent.

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All the ice creams at the parlour are handmade. As for the ketchup flavour, Nejmi informed that he adds Heinz Tomato Ketchup to his red sauce flavoured blend. He then serves the ketchup ice cream with a sachet of ketchup for the customers who want to add more of it on top of their ice creams like strawberry sauce.

The Marmite flavour is served with a topping of toast. On the other hand, the Mushy peas ice cream is produced with a green churn throughout.

Nejmi has even got a bunch of challenges for the repeat customers. If they could come up with some of their suggested flavours he would make them.

The ice cream maker added that the objective is to launch a new flavour every month. He added that the flavours were on sale over the past weekend, however, his parlour had to give most of the ice cream away.

He further added that he is making no such claims that the ice cream tasted nice, but people were interested and curious to see the ketchup and mushy pea- flavoured ice cream.

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