An EV battery factory worth $3 billion is being built in the US by GM and Samsung SDI

When it comes to the international EV battery market, Samsung SDI is considered the top leader. According to some fresh pieces of information, the South Korean conglomerate is going to construct a vast EV battery plant in the US. Reportedly, the plant will be built in association with GM (General Motors). The possible location for the new EV battery plant is St. Joseph County, Indiana. This information was shared by the state’s governor Eric Holcomb.

Samsung SDI and GM are building an EV battery plant in the USA

The reports suggest that the construction of the new plant will begin next year. It is speculated to be complete by 2026. The construction site will employ one thousand workers. Once the plant becomes operational it will entertain a workforce of 1,700 people. Reportedly, the EV battery plant will deal with the manufacturing of nickel-rich prismatic and cylindrical cells. They are projected to be utilized in future electric cars manufactured by General Motors. According to the announcement made by the two companies, the new EV battery plant will hold a capacity of more than 30GWh.

Other plants of GM

Well, General Motors have five different plants in Indiana. These plants have a workforce of around 5,700 workers. GM is known as the second biggest producer of EVs in the US. Tesla is the top EV manufacturer in the United States. GM is projecting to manufacture more than a million EVs per year by 2025. Furthermore, the company intends to only sell electric vehicles by 2035.

Back in April 2023, the plan for this plant was disclosed by the companies. however, there was no information about the location of the new EV battery plant by then. Reportedly, GM has constructed three of its EV battery plants in collaboration with LG Energy Solution in the US. A few days back, GM declared that it would come up with something similar to Tesla’s fast EV charging standard. Besides this, the South Korean tech company Samsung SDI is also building another EV battery plant in the US. It is produced in association with Stellantis.