Amnesty International urges Indian government to ensure safety of Kashmiris after Pulwama attack

The Amnesty International—a London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights—condemned the brutal killing of Kashmiri people by Indian troops after the suicide attack on Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Pulwama Sector, Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The suicide attack on the convoy of CRPF in Pulwama Area on Thursday killed as many as 40 Indian security personnel.

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The Amnesty International has also urged the government of India to ensure the security and safety of the innocent Kashmiri people living outside the Indian Occupied Kashmir, who have been harassed and targeted by the groups of Indian extremists.

“The Indian government and the government of Kashmir must ensure that ordinary women and men who are citizens of Kashmir do not face any targeted attacks harassments after the Pulwama attack,” the AI stated.

While quoting several media reports, the Amnesty International further said that several Kashmiri traders and university students have been beaten and threatened by some Hindu extremists groups in the northern states, primarily, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Bihar.

Several Kashmiri university students have been reported to have fled their universities in fear.

According to the further details, two colleges in Indian city Dehradun and one in Moradabad have announced that they would not admit new Kashmiri students.

After noticing the India’s unjustified behavior, the Amnesty International has asked the government of India to urge the state governments to ensure the safety and security of all Kashmiris across the country.

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