Amir Liaquat barred from appearing on TV till further notice

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has barred the famous and controversial Amir Liaquat to make a television appearance until further notice is given.

A petition was filed by a citizen Muhammad Abbas stating that Amir Liaquat should be permanently banned from using any media be it television, print or social media. The allegation put upon him was that he is using his power to spread hatred and disharmony. IHC judge Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui heard the arguments put forward.

Barrister Shoaib Razaq the petitioner’s lawyer stated that Amir Liaquat has no Islamic degree or certificate yet he calls himself ‘aalim’.

The petitioner alleged that “Liaquat used that show (Aalim Online) for a number of years to create a social and religious divide in the country.”

He added that Aamir Liaquat has given fatwas (religious edicts) on kufr (cardinal sin) and treason that has endangered lives of many individuals.

Moreover, it was pointed out that Aamir Liaquat violated PMERA’s code of conduct multiple times.

PEMRA was also accused of not doing its job properly and thus the petitioner urged that the court should make the right decision and ban the televangelist forever from making any television appearance again. Furthermore, it was asked that the court bans him from using social and print media as well, so that he is not able to spread his views.

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Justice Siddiqui then ordered the federal government, PEMRA, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Amir Liaquat to respond to the petition filed against them. The next session of the court on this petition will be held on January 10th 2018.

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