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America is Afraid of Chinese tech giant, Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. is the leading tech company in China and Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker in the world. The sales of Huawei are 60% more than that of its competitors. Though America’s biggest four wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are banned from using Huawei products, still Huawei remains one of the world’s biggest tech company. The popularity of Huawei, being a Chinese company has created a fear in the American Government. The Americans fear that the Chinese government is spying them through Huawei.

Recently 6 leading Intelligence Agencies of USA have warned the USA citizens not to use phones of Huawei. FBI, The CIA, The NSA is included in these agencies.

One of the longest-serving Senate Republicans Chuck Grassley of Iowa expressed his concerns about Huawei saying, “I can’t pronounce their name, but it starts with an H and ends with a W-E-I. Whenever they’re involved, it scares the devil out of me.”

The director of FBI Chris Wray said, “The government was deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks. The capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage.”

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The fear is understandable. Huawei is growing rapidly, faster than the leaders in the tech industry, Samsung, and Apple. The company has the capacity and experience to beat Qualcomm and create the fifth generation of wireless equipment. This equipment will ensure fast smartphone data connection, amazing self-driving cars, and remotely controlled medical devices.

Huawei has dismissed the fears of American government as Joe Kelly, the company’s vice president for international media affairs said, “We’re 30 years in this business, and there hasn’t been a single security issue. Should America have anything to fear from us from a cybersecurity perspective? The answer is no.”