AMD To Release First RDNA 2 Architecture Graphics Card NoteBook In The First Half

RDNA 2 Graphics

According to AMD’s official news, the first RDNA 2 architecture graphics card notebook will be released in the first half of 2021, and the official has not yet announced the specifications of the new mobile graphics card.

The desktop RDNA2 architecture graphics card has been released and listed, and the official said that the performance per watt of the new architecture GPU has been increased by 50% compared with the previous generation.

AMD said that the RDNA2 architecture has brought a number of innovations. Through the application of advanced energy-saving technologies, each computing unit can obtain up to 30% energy efficiency improvement in each cycle; the new AMD Infinity Cache technology provides greater bandwidth and lower power. Compared with the RDNA architecture design, the RDNA2 architecture can increase the acceleration frequency by up to 30% under the same energy consumption level through the high-speed design method, and the performance per watt can be increased by up to 54%.

AMD files a patent for scalable GPUs based on Chips

Last year, AMD specially launched the RX 5000M series of mobile processors, but few manufacturers carry them. It is expected that this year, there will be slightly more manufacturers carrying RDNA2 architecture mobile graphics cards.