Amazon acquired TenMarks back in 2013 focusing on expanding its horizons into education, the educational tech startup enables teachers and parents to design easy and effective curriculums for young children.

Until today the whole lot story was about Mathematics, Amazon has now decided to add writing feature on the website, the new feature is cloud based which helps students from 4th to 6th grade become better writers. However, it will be extended to 8th grade soon.

The writing coach guides the students through the whole process of writing a story from the pre-writing phase to final draft in real-time editing with their teachers.

Teachers can also turn on teacher view to leave comments and suggestions on the written essay or stories by students. Amazon is focused on making the curriculum more fun and engaging for students as well as teachers, that is why Kids would be able to pick the idea how they would like to write using Bursts.

Schools can get TenMarks writing subscription from as little as $4 per student per year. As mentioned earlier the program is for students between 4th to 6th grade but Amazon is planning to expand it to 8th grade soon.