Amazon will now let you perform palm payments for Whole Food stores

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Paying in supermarkets like Whole Foods is now simpler than it used to be thanks to apps and card readers. There are apps that make it simpler for you to pay for your groceries using your phone, including those from Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and even Walmart. Amazon is now intervening and elevating payment by doing away with the requirement for gadgets.

Waving your palm over a reader, like a Jedi, to authorize purchases on your card, Amazon One is a simple way to pay for groceries at Whole Foods. The palm payment option is already being utilized in some stores, but Amazon is making it available to all Whole Foods customers nationwide. Your Prime discount will be applied immediately if you have Amazon Prime. A worker at one of the 200 test locations informed us that if employees register, their savings will also be immediately applied.

When the service is available at a store near you, you can sign up at the register or an Amazon One kiosk. You need to insert your credit or debit card into the reader and move your left and then right palms over it. After entering your mobile number, registration is finished.

Why would Amazon choose to employ a palm vein scan over a fingerprint or other biometric is an apparent question. Evidently, just like a fingerprint, every person’s hand is unique. You can produce a special numerical, vector representation using the lines and the underlying vein structure. Another security risk can be eliminated by hovering your hand rather than pressing your fingerprint down: unlike a fingerprint or a credit card, a hovered palm is challenging to copy.

According to Amazon, they won’t share your palm print with any other parties, including governments. Amazon will maintain this within their own organization unless a legally binding and lawful order is given. Amazon will use its own AWS Cloud to store your palm print, which has been entrusted by government, health facilities along with financial services.