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Amazon To Open Warehouses In France From May 19

Amazon had to largely stop shipping in France in mid-April after a court decision because the protection of employees from the coronavirus in the logistics centers was insufficient. Now it looks as if Amazon can take off again.

The news agency DPA reports and relies on a statement from Amazon France. According to this, they are currently in the process of planning to reopen the logistics centers in consultation with the unions and works councils that had previously insisted on the closure. The Union Syndicale Solidaires had sued Amazon and was right. In the coming week, employees should return to their jobs one by one from May 19.

After the court decision, Amazon had to stop the majority of its sales in France; it was only allowed to continue shipping some everyday products. Since mid-April, however, the shipping giant had pulled the emergency brake and closed the logistics centers completely. It was said that one might not want to pay an impending billion-dollar fine due to an incorrectly sent article and would, therefore, close all shipping centers until clarification.

New protective measures

Amazon appealed but was unsuccessful. Since then, the group says it has been working with the trade unionists and the responsible health authorities to implement new measures to protect employees. When all requirements are met and, among other things, employee contacts have been drastically reduced, the workers should be able to start again with a new shift schedule.

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